Cops on Hunt for One-Shoed Mugger

Note to criminals: make sure your shoes are on tight so they don’t slip off and leave behind evidence for police. That’s advice one guy definitely needed as he – and three other suspects – mugged a man in Westchester.

According to Pelham Manor police, four suspects knocked down a man Wednesday night and robbed him of his phone and iPod. The group – who also threatened to shoot the victim – hopped into a stolen car, crashed it and then ran off into the woods.

Cops said they recovered a size 9 1/2 sneaker near the scene.

A woman told police a one-shoed man knocked on her door and asked to use her phone so he could call a cab. But, she said, he never waited around to make the call.

According to officer Jeff Carpenter, the suspects are still being sought.

Two Brothers Killed in Drunk Driving Accident on Long Island

Two brothers are dead after being hit, police say, by a drunk driver. The two brothers left their grandmother’s East Meadow home early in the evening for a night on the town. They left their car at home and went out on foot. Unfortunately the driver who mowed them down on Hempstead Turnpike didn’t make the same choice. The results were deadly.

Kyran Conneloi choked up with emotion as he described the way 28-year old Joseph Occhiogrosso cared for his grandmother here at her East Meadow home on Long Island. Occhiogrosso worked for Conneloi at his plumbing company for several years. Conneloi considered the young man who showed up every day before the shop opened, part of the family.

Joseph and his brother, 27-year old Thomas Occhiogrosso, were crossing Hempstead Turnpike and Conti Square Boulevard early this morning when they were struck and killed by 33 year old James Farr of Garden City. Farr was arrested at the scene. He’d been behind the wheel of a 2005 Black BMW.

Tonight Farr is under arrest for vehicular homicide and driving drunk.

Britain denies deal on Lockerbie release

The British Government is under pressure after allegations of an alleged trade deal behind the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdul Basset al Megrahi.

The Libyans are adamant Megrahi’s release has always been tied up with the oil and gas business and massive contracts with with British companies like BP.

Specifically Colonel Gaddaffi’s son Seif insists whenever he met British officials to discuss business, Meghrahi’s release was a condition of a deal being struck.

Britain’s Business Secretary, Peter Mandelson denies Libya’s claims.

He said: “The idea that the British government and the Libyan government would sit down and somehow barter over the freedom or the life of this Libyan prisoner and make it form part of some business deal… and then for London to phone the Scottish nationalist administration in Edinburgh and say let him out, is not only wrong, it’s completely implausible and actually quite offensive.”

Whether these claims and counter claims develop into a major row between Britain and Libya remains to be seen.

British companies who have secured multi-billion euro contracts in Libya will no doubt be hoping it the whole affair dies down soon.

No Happy Ending: 3 Masseuses Arrested On Prostitution Charges

Suffolk County Police arrested three women Wednesday, on charges of prostitution and unauthorized practice. The arrests occurred after a raid at a Medford massage parlor.

The fallout came at the end of a weeks-long stakeout in which massage parlor customers leaving a Medford strip mall were stopped and questioned on what they did with masseuses.

The three women, identified as 50-year old Shanyu Piao of Farmingville, Hong He, 41, of Manhattan and 47-year-old Baiyin Wang of Flushing, respectively, advertised their services on Craigslist and Newsday.

Additionally, it was revealed that the women’s employees were also performing massages without valid licenses. A search warrant was issued at around 3:45 p.m. after which their equipment, which included massage tables, body oils, lotions, towels, bedding, a laptop computer, and cash were all seized.

Piao and He were each charged with one count of prostitution and unauthorized practice, and Wang was charged with two counts of each charge.

The women were held overnight and are scheduled for arraignment Thursday in First District Court in Central Islip.

Cops: Son Ignored Ailing Mother On Kitchen Floor For 2 Days

A Long Island man is accused of neglecting his own mother while she lay face-down and ailing on the kitchen floor of their Freeport home for two days.

Nassau County police say the seriously ill 64-year-old women fell in the kitchen on Tuesday. She had managed to drag herself toward the front door of the home by Thursday, police said. Through her entire ordeal, her son, Lacy Reid, took no apparent action to help his mother — stepping over and walking around his mother’s body.

It was only at 5 p.m. Thursday that Reid finally decided to call an ambulance. He was consequently arrested and charged with first-degree reckless endangerment. Police also say that Reid allegedly left his ill mother alone in their house on several occasions while he went to work.

According to authorities, the woman was found lying face down, malnourished and dehydrated by responding officers. She was taken to Nassau University Medical Center, where she suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest. On Friday, she was put on life support and is listed in critical condition.

Reid is expected to be arraigned on a reckless endangerment charge on Friday in First District Court in Hempstead.