Brown forced to repay cleaning and gardening bills

Euronews-Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown has returned to parliament after the summer recess to face a personal expenses re-payment bill of around 12 thousand euros.

He is said to have over claimed on cleaning and gardening costs.

He is one of dozens of MPs who have received letters from Thomas Legg – the man appointed by Brown to rewrite the spending rules in an effort to quell public outrage over alleged misuse of tax payers’ money.

The Conservative opposition leader, David Cameron is also facing questions.
“Everyone should respond to these letters, respond to these inquiries being made and of course, at the end of this process, then everyone will have to comply with what the authorities are asking,” said Cameron.

Details of MPs claims which were leaked to a newspaper earlier this year revealed how numerous politicians made in appropriate demands.

Although most of the claims were made according to the rules at the time, UK voter anger over what they saw as apparent greed has forced MPs to show contrition and pay up or face further investigation.