New York State Amber Alert has been issued for 3-year-old Ferrari Tiesto Stojka

A New York State Amber Alert has been issued for 3-year-old Ferrari Tiesto Stojka.

The child abduction happened at the corner of Ocean Parkway and Avenue P, in Brooklyn, NY at about 3:30PM on Friday.

The child, Ferrari Tiesto Stojka is a White male, approximately 3 years old with brown hair and brown eyes. He is approximately 3 feet and weighs about 40 pounds. Ferrari was last seen wearing white shirt, white shorts and a Yankees hat.

The suspect, Jacob Laslo is a White male, approximately 33 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is approximately 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs about 180 pounds. The suspect was last seen wearing a white t shirt and blue jeans.

The suspect was last seen traveling on foot.

Suspect is non-custodial father of child and has not seen child for two years.

Suspect assaulted the mother of the child, and then abducted the child and fled on foot in Brooklyn.

Suspect resides in New Jersey but last known to be in Manhattan.

Anyone with any information on this abduction is asked to call the New York City Police Department at (866)NYS-AMBER /697-2623 or dial911 to provide information on a report or sighting.

Six Months on, WPIX tumbles as WNYW grows at 10

On October 11th 2010, WPIX-TV, the New York City CW station (known on air as PIX11)altered their 10 pm newscast to make it look less like a traditional newscast and their graphics look like more or less like some app on an I-phone.

My October 15th 2010 article explaining my views against the change in newscast because many viewers-like myself- lost another traditional 10pm newscast since WWOR-TV moved the news to 11pm and My October 28th 2010 article featured responses from people who replied to the original article in anger over the changes.

Well, now it has been official, despite all the positive comments that WPIX has gotten over this “innovation”—the “innovation” actually caused a dip in viewership.

Despite this format being carried in other Tribune owned CW stations(albeit with some variations) In New York the format has failed to catch on with the main demographics that advertisers cater to—the 25 to 54 year old demo or the “money demo” as called by people in the TV business.

As explained in the comments sections of both my articles that were published on my own New York-centric blog “The City and My Life” and the “Andy’s Cue” column for Asnycnow Radio, people have absolved themselves form watching PIX News at Ten until the old newscast is returned.

The people—particularly the 25-54 year old group (which is also the key demo of readers for Asnycnow Radio and The City & My Life) have been leaving WPIX in droves to the ONLY other 10 pm newscast in town—WNYW Fox 5 (which originally started their 10pm newscast before anyone else did in the country) and WNYW has seen a slow but steady growth among the 25-54 year old group.

According to Nielsen, Ratings for WPIX among the highly coveted 25-54 age group, which WPIX was trailing WNYW by just 1.16(NYW) to 1.10 (PIX) in October 2010, saw the gap between viewership widen to 1.35 (NYW) to 0.92 (PIX) in December 2010 and then 1.96 (NYW) to 0.84 (PIX) in March 2011.

A commenter, Harold Silverburg originally praise WPIX GM Bill Carrey over the format change in the comments section of The City & My Life:

“If Jim[Watkins] and Kaity[Tong] (the former 10pm news team) were so beloved, where were all the viewers? Congrats to [WPIX GM]Bill Carey for having the guts to make a format change that provided a spark of energy that viewers will get to like in time. Watch the ratings climb.”

Well, Harold and WPIX management got it wrong.

RATINGNYWPIX This is not good news for WPIX management, The Tribune Co., currently having financial issues and this is not making it better for them—public relations or otherwise.

WPIX’s image has been tarnished in the city based on management quarrels. WPIX currently has lawsuits pending over charges of ageism (ending one’s employment over one’s age) and one of its reporters, Vince DeMentri was terminated with the station over a public spat and Chris Burrows, who was hired to be the face of the 4-6am edition of “PIX Morning News” (by Tribune’s VP of news Steve Charlier) was transferred to WPIX’s sister station KTLA Channel 5 in Los Angeles after ratings fail to grow under his stewardship.

A WPIX spokesperson pointed out to the New York Post that WNYW’s lead-in “American Idol” draws much higher ratings that reruns of CW programming airing on WPIX.

That is true, but “American Idol” was not on WNYW airwaves in December and WNYW still drew in higher numbers than WPIX compared to two months earlier when they were almost neck and neck.

WPIX also ran into some trouble as well when Tribune hired longtime friend to WPIX GM Bill Carey– former KYW CBS 3 anchor Larry Mendte as a commentator following his termination from KYW after allegedly hacking into former co-anchor Alycia Lane’s e-mail.

Alycia Lane has since resurfaced as a reported for NBC’s Los Angeles affiliate KNBC Channel 4.

Also, The New York Post reported that, When Lane issued a lawsuit to Mendte,WPIX shipped him over to Libya for an exclusive interview with Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi. Mendte accompanied Former Pennsylvania Rep. Curt Weldon, who has a long history with Qaddafi to try an broker a truce.

Skeptics inside the station told The Post that they believed Mendte wanted to go to Libya so he could rebuild HIS reputation before he face charges on ruining Lane’s reputation.

This is a station that fires people left and right,and they’ll pay for a Libya Trip”- WPIX Insider tell the New York Post (03/12/11)

So now Six months after the changed at PIX, not only have they lost viewership at 10pm but also lost to “Good Day New York” due to the presenter shuffle.

Now, WPIX still has time to undo their mistake and return the old 10pm newscast. They don’t have to do it immediately, they should phase in the old newscast back on air before the change in viewership is permanent.

With American Idol now the main lead-in plus many strong FOX programming serving strong lead-in, WNYW is now dominating the 10pm news market and WNYW had it right since 1967—If it Ain’t Broke, Dont fix it!—something that WPIX is now learning the hard way.

Bronx pool gets quiet in heat wave

The hot, muggy weather means attendance at nearly every public pool citywide is up this summer. But not at the Barretto Point Park floating pool, which has seen 7,300 less visitors this year than last.
That’s because kids have no way to get there, say some. In June, the MTA eliminated a shuttle bus that took kids from the South Bronx to the Hunts Point pool to save $100,000.
“It’s been almost the hottest July on record. Numbers should be up,” said Adam Liebowitz, of the Point Community Development Corporation. “In previous summers you had to wait on line 20, 30 minutes before you could go in. But now I’ve heard the lines are gone. It’s obviously because of the lack of public transportation.”
The floating pool is one the city’s “most popular pools,” said a parks department spokesperson, and frequently reached full capacity this summer.
The shuttle bus first came to the area in 2008 to help kids get there and was supposed to stay for a three-year period.
Now, poolgoers endure a 30-minute walk from the 6 train. Taking the Bx6, which the MTA recommends, still requires an 11-block walk through an industrial area of Hunts Point police say is known for prostitution, and speeding 18-wheelers.

Bowne AFJROTC Student has died

Luan Daniel Candido Silva, a member of John Bowne HS’s AFJROTC Unit # NY-20051 has died on July 31st at 2135.

A Native of Astoria, Queens,  Luan was also a part of a local Techno group Perez Bros under the name ‘Daff Boy Sp’ until the group disbanded in Early 2010.

Perez Bros Member Ricky Ruiz aka DjTechno92 told me he was in hospital for 15 days for reasons he wasn’t told of. Ricky talked about Luan to me:

‘‘When he was was just fun, we would chill and chill sometimes have sleep overs and it was fun, dont get me wrong there were times where i felt like slapping him but i never did it…..he meant alot to me…he was my brother, my #1 nigga, my top dude’’

”its just sad to see him go after all the things we talked bout and had planned for the future”

Ricky said that he missed him after the group’s disbanding and misses him now.

Luan had planned to become either a professional soccer player or Join The US Air Force.

The Funeral will be in at:

  • Lockwood Funeral Home
  • 255 21st Street Brooklyn, NY.
  • August 3rd at 1430

Queens Man Paiva Killed While Defending His Brother

A 27-year-old Kingsborough Community College student was stabbed to death Friday night after he tried to defend his younger brother against four thugs.

Dario Paiva, of Woodhaven, was killed around 11:30 p.m. after racing to the 85th Street-Forest Parkway subway station in an attempt to rescue his brother, Khristian Paiva.

The altercation reportedly began after an argument between the four men and a girl on the street. Khristian was on the phone with his mother when the gang targeted him shortly after; his mom, overhearing the threats, called his brother to go to the station to help him.

When Dario arrived, the gang fled into the subway station, and the brothers decided to follow them up to the elevated platform so that they could later identify them for the police.

Dario confronted the men on the platform and all four pulled out knives, one of them stabbing Dario in the heart. Emergency medical technicians took him to Jamaica Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Paiva was studying to be a lawyer and was making plans to transfer to Queens College.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.

Cuomo starts his ‘cakewalk’ after years of waiting

Going by most accounts (and polls) Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has already been anointed the next governor of New York, so it was no surprise he spent his first day campaigning to the sound of cheering crowds as he marched in the Salute to Israel parade yesterday. A day after announcing his candidacy he also released a 250-page book detailing his views on ethics and financial reform and other issues.

As the son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo, he has been itching to bring the family name back into the governor’s office for years. It’s been a long march.

The Queens native came off as brazen in 2002, when he sought the Democratic nomination in the governor’s race against Carl McCall, the party’s favorite.

“It was stepping way ahead of his time in the opinion of many,” said David Birdsell of Baruch College. “They thought he was arrogant, uncoachable.”

Cuomo withdrew but nearly split the party in the process. McCall lost the race and Cuomo has worked to mend fences ever since.

“The Andrew Cuomo story could be written as follows,” said political consultant Hank Sheinkopf, who ran McCall’s 2002 campaign. “Once-brash young man becomes confident public official and confident candidate for governor.

“The care with which he’s organized this campaign comes from that first campaign. Is this a guy who wants to make sure he doesn’t make any mistakes? Absolutely.”

Coney’s balance: Glossy and gritty

On Memorial Day weekend, 19 new rides will thrill Coney Island visitors into a season of fun and offer a glimpse of changes that may echo Times Square’s evolution from gritty to glossy.

“We want it to be nicer and cleaner. We want to bring everything up a little bit,” said Valerio Ferrari, president of Zamperla USA, which is building its Luna Park atop the old Astroland.

Cha Cha’s bar owner John “Cha Cha” Ciarcia was pleased about the area’s “family-oriented” direction: “There’s no more hookers, pimps and drugs.”

But his own future — as well as other popular boardwalk stops including Shoot the Freak, Ruby’s and Lola Staar’s souvenir boutique — remains in question next summer since Zamperla, which is investing $15 million on the city-owned property its leasing, is only giving them one-year leases.

Shoot the Freak’s creator Anthony Berlingieri said if he had a 10-year lease like Zamperla’s, instead of the one-year leases he’s had over the last decade, “I would have ‘Shoot the Freak’ in neon, not in paint. I would have been more high-tech.” He added: “I’m world-renowned, yet I don’t have a leg to stand on. … I should be part of the next 10 years. I hope the city recognizes that. If not, I’m not going quietly.”

Also, some worry developer Thor Equities’ plan to tear down buildings along Surf Avenue to bring “family-friendly” entertainment next year will also bring chain stores.

“Right now there is a teetering balance of the old and the new as well as the big and the small,” Lola Staar’s Dianna Carlin said.