New Album From Thirty Pounds Of Bone

The Mad Mackerel

New Album From Thirty Pounds Of Bone

A long time ago when we were on the hideous Google blogspot platform we posted about the unique and dislocated folk of Thirty Pounds Of Bone (aka singer-songwriter Johny Lamb).

So the news that he has a new album titled I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs Of Where, due out on the 6th May via Armellodie Records was especially good to hear. Even more so when we found out that the track Home Faring can be downloaded as of right now as a tasty appetiser.

This is one of those records that is possessed of a singular and unique vision, where distraction, desolation, and despair are constant companions and distortion and drone are artfully used to heighten emotions and force the listener to really partake of what is going on. It is a record concerned with movement and time and space, with tales of itinerants and migrants, about…

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