DC Nation’s Young Justice; GLTAS to depart after March 16th

This morning will be the last DC Nation block as it currently stands with the endgame of the current shows, GLTAS and YJ.

I think we can all say with certainty, this has been an emotional rollercoaster of a ride for all of the DC Nation fans—with a lot of bumps—-although it was ultimately enjoyable to see it through, the endgame is here and its time to get off of the ride.

No one wants things to end now, but they are and we can say that it was fun, albeit challenging to follow.

On the bright side, Nothing as of yet if they will re-air episodes until Beware the Batman and Teen Titans Go debut sowe could most of it again

The fandoms wont and will not go away, the fandoms will continue to read the riot act in hopes of the shows’ return, as we should.

But lets try not to bury the new shows until we’ve seen them, so as to give them a chance and for CN not to repeat what they did the first time around. Plus, We got to interact with fellow fans as well as people involved in the production of our favorite shows

Maybe the shows will have some sort of return…we don’t know. Hell, at this time last year, Toonami wasn’t even on tv until a certain day in April changed that.

Point is, we have had a great run, and while YJ and GLTAS is going fron our screens, we can all say that it was fun to live though it all and join together as a group.

We don’t want things to end, but when they do, we learn from it, we changed as a result and became better people for it.
Hopefully, we can all try to stay whelmed..at least for the shows that will leave us.


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