Quick Thoughts on MundoFox

“El Capo” really has become my favorite show since it started and with MundoFox repeating the shows after 10pm I can catch up if I miss a show.
I think that “El Capo” is the darkhouse for MundoFox and MundoFox’s daytime lineup is fun to watch including from Colombia’s RCN Television “Los Pobres Rico”(2012),”Chepe Fortuna: Tremendo Fortuna” (2010) and “El Joe: La Leyenda”(2011) which is a biopic of the late Columbian salsa musician “El Joe” Arroyo and the original “Yo soy Betty, la fea” (1999) which ABC (“UGLY BETTY”) and Univision/Televisa (“LA FEA MAS BELLA”)  drew their inspiration from for their versions.
“Noticias MundoFox” uses hashtags a bit too much for my liking and for some reason they have show a name in bold and is bigger than the intended lower-thirds which is a red stripe (example, shown right) and the set is just red with two screens but I like the newscast—simple, not over-the-top and not full of themselves.
Also one of the shows that’s pique my interest is “Los Existosos Perez” which is hilarious as well as a bit tough to understand when I first watched it.

I first started watching MundoFox when the channel first had its “senal de prueba” (test signal) from station WPXO-LD, channel 34 “MundoFox 34.1 New York” when it appeared on my iO cable service August 1st, it was good to have a different option from the main two spanish channels—i barely watch Univision outside of the local news (on station WXTV-41) and almost never watch Telemundo at all with the exception of Noticiero Telemundo during the final Pedro Sevcec years (2006-09) before Jose Diaz-Balart took over.
Of course, MundoFox just started so let’s see how much the channel changes during the next six months—-Ill keep watching MundoFox in the meantime.


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