My Weekend TV: May 25-27

The weekend of May 25th to 27th featured a Legend of Korra repeat, the last GL:TAS episode of the season and Toonami rising up from the ashes to go on its rebooted Midnight Run.
Friday the 25th

    8-10p: Friday Night Smackdown! Ep#666
    10p: New Tricks
    1:30-2a: The Vicar of Dibley
    2am: MI-5
    3am: New Tricks
    4-5:30a: Sherlock: Series 2 finale

Saturday the 26th

    7-9a: CBS This Morning
    9am: WCBS-TV’s CBS 2 News Saturday
    9:30a: Thundercats
    10-11am: DC Nation
    10a- Green Lantern, The Animated Series Season Finale
    10:30a- Young Justice Invasion Episode “Beneath”
    10:28 and 10:48- DC Nation shorts 10:28- The Atom #1 and 10:48- Super Best Friends Forever #4
    11am: The Legend of Korra (repeat, “Welcome to Republic City”

TOONAMI RETURNS!! MIDNIGHT RUN 2.0! Overnight on the 27th

    12am and 3am- Bleach
    12:30 and 3:30- Deadman Wonderland (debut)
    1am and 4am- Casshern Sins (debut)
    1:30 and 4:30- Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
    2am and 5am- Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, 2nd Gig
    2:30 and 5:30- Cowboy Bebop

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