WWE.COM: Long,Laurinaitis to switch GM roles for upcoming Raw, Smackdown broadcasts

It was announced today over on WWE.com, that for the March 5th edition of Monday Night Raw and the March 8th edition of Friday Night Smackdown that in a struggle for power, there will be a switching of brand general managers.

It all started on the February 13th broadcast of Raw where David Otunga, the official legal consultant to Raw General Manager and WWE EVP of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis suggested an idea that will get him to GM both Raw and Smackdown.
That idea was not revealed on-camera but on the Elimination Chamber PPV that sunday (the 19th) Smackdown superstars Christian and Mark Henry as well as Raw Superstar Alberto Del Rio gave their support to have John (aka Johnny Ace) be general manager for both shows. Theodore Long, the current GM for Smackdown and the longest-serving GM in WWE (who also GM’d ECW) was amused by the idea that there should be two GMs—but with Long being GM of both shows instead of Ace.
On the February 21st edition on a live episode of Smackdown, nicknamed “SuperSmackdown Live!” the war between the two GMs escalated to the point where they were overriding each others’s decision involving the Champion v Champion match between Raw’s WWE Champion CM Punk and Smackdown’s World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan, which ended in a double-pin.
Things didn’t end there as on the Feb 27th edition of Monday Night Raw, nicknamed “Raw SuperShow” in a rematch the match ended in a no-contest due to involvment from Ace and Otunga and Long and his assistant Santino Marella. An altercation would occur with Long pushing Ace to the ring canvas to the cheers of the crowds in Portland. Soon after the incident, Long walked into Ace’s office talking about rumors that Ace would be replaced and he rebutted that Long would be replaced instead.
Not long after, it was teased that WWE.com would have an announcement on Tuesday at 10a E/ 7a P. Many have speculated that it involved the GM situation– and they were right.

The Announcement
Around 9:35 am ET, WWE Mobile had the announcement under the headline “Raw, Smackdown to get extreme makeover” which detailed the swap for one night only– that Ace serves as GM of Smackdown and Long serves as GM of Raw in order to see which leadership reins supreme on both shows. Since August, Smackdown talent have been allowed to cross over to Raw and vice-versa so now the gauntlet has been thrown and let’s see how things go next week as the road to Wrestlemania XXVIII continues.


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