My Tweet/ Facebook status of the week!

Over this past week, (December 4-10) Ive sent updates to my Facebook and Twitter(@andy_salcedo) pages about random things that pique my interest.

To start, I was watching the Family Guy episode aired on December 4th in which The Simpsons made a cameo as jurors of Peter Griffin’s “peers”:

The Simpsons are on Family Guy????!!!! I Cant!!

A  new trend in adding a clip-on feather to one’s hair ( not making that up):

Theres a trend to add feathers to your hair? Who creates these trends? Who would do that?

On December 6, I was watching Rugrats as part of Teennick’s ”[The] 90’s are All That”12a-4a block and my brother and his friends call me (and a friend of theirs via 3-way calling) at 1am and although i wasnt into the idea, i decided to put them on blast online:

Watching rugrats while my brother calling me pretending that hes on ”El vacilon”( local Spanish morning show). hilarious. Real hilarious(sarcasm).

I also got excited when I learned that Code Lyoko returns for a fifth season come next year and when a tweet i sent out was read on-air on New York’s CBS 2 This Morning

First i hear that code lyoko is coming back next year  and that this morning On @CBS2thismorning @rhiannonally read my tweet(involving TSA safety regulations):-).

Now my tweet which was also sent to my blog’s account @thecitymylife which got a reaction from Code Lyoko’s Kabillon page:

@thecitymylife Your Code Lyoko tweet was on CBS?

I clarified via @thecitymylife:

@CodeLyokoTV no (i wish). i was excited that code lyoko is coming back next year and that an irrelevant tweet made it on CBS/channel 2.

Apologies to @CodelyokoTV for the misunderstanding about that.  and P.S. I am a Lyoko fan, which may explain the screwup 🙂


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