Friday Night Smackdown is always edited for time, what’s the big deal?

Since April 1999, WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown has always been edited, and there is not just one edition of Smackdown.

On the 9/23/2011 episode of Friday Night Smackdown (taped on 9/20/11) Following the Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes bout which ended in DQ (Orton took of Rhodes’s mask in front of the referee, the mask is  cleared to be worn in matches) Rhodes would be on the receiving end of a hellacious beatdown by Orton that featured unconventional weapons such as Cody’s own mask and the timekeeper’s bell.

Since Smackdown has been taped on a Tuesday since its inception (barring episodes when they went live on a few occasions) the WWE edits SD! (taking out and adding certain elements for the airings, such as video packages and advertisements mentioned on-air) and sends three versions of SD! to their carriers:

  • An abbreviated version that only feature matches for the International Markets (which lasts about 30-60 minutes including commercials, like AM RAW for example)
  • An extended cut of Smackdown which features a “From the Vault” segments looking at past Smackdown matches (primarily from 2008-10 SD! years) also going out to international markets(Lasting 2 Hours, including commercials
  • and the North American version of Smackdown airing via Syfy and TSN in Canada. (same running length as extended cut, TSN gets a clean feed from Syfy to air SD!)

It should be noted that not all things that are taped on SD! make it to any of its editions, some segments are either re-shot (like the Sin Cara/Heath Slater Match from the 8/26 SD! tapings, with the original Sin Cara being sent home) or dropped altogether, preventing that segment from appearing on television (i.e, a Chris Benoit/ John Cena segment from 2004, a Muhammad Hassan segment from 2003 involving the mention of a New York Post writer, and a Jim Ross/Jack Swagger segment from a 2009 episode of SD! from Oklahoma)

So when the match aired on Syfy, they showed the beatdown with a noticeable edit which featured a shot of a bloody Rhodes taking an RKO on the announce table (which didn’t sell the RKO, btw).

However, this was a different outcome for the SD! airings in the international airings which edited out the complete beatdown and in the abbreviated cut a “Smackdown continues…” flashed on screen after Orton laid out Rhodes in the ring.

When the International airings were released on Youtube by other parties (both the abbreviated and the extended cuts air before SD airs on Syfy) there was an outrage online by internet wrestling fans known collectively as the IWC, ” [the] Internet Wrestling Community”


Since the Internet became available in the homes of average wrestling fans dating back during the 1998-2001 Monday Night Wars (between the now-closed WCW and the company formerly called World Wrestling Federation)  the IWC has built a habit to spoil the results of any taped wrestling show before it airs on North America and upload the shows online without realizing that there is two sides to the very same program.

The IWC created their outrage based on the International Cuts, which in some places air SD! on an earlier time or later time (depending on markets and regional TV laws) without seeing the Syfy/TSN cut of Smackdown which is the OFFICIAL broadcast for North America.

Sure, the International cuts whether abbreviated or extended air before the North American airings (the International cuts would air when its normally Thursday Afternoon in North America while its Friday on the other side of the planet)

On some occasions, I can agree with or can justify the IWC’s anger. In this case, I disagree with the IWC.  The IWC can overreact over the smallest things and will act like there is an international incident.

The only people who had the privilege to see the entire segment was those who bought a ticket and attended the SD! tapings. The IWC knows that SD is a taped show and the IWC themselves spoil said taped program so they really should’nt overreact they way they did and will do again, i assure you.

If they want to see the full SD! experience, attend the tapings.

There is so much that the WWE and others are willing to give to its fans on free TV.

The IWC tends to ask for too much and not giving much to them (the companies)

The IWC shouldn’t only go on what airs in the International markets, but as well as the official Syfy/TSN cut of SD!, which is the one WWE always talks about and hypes over.


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Smackdown is always edited for time, what’s the big deal?

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