Why most viewers don’t really care for Khali/Mahal Storyline on Smackdown!

The Great Khali/Jinder Mahal storyline of Friday Night Smackdown is an interesting one but most viewers are clueless as why it exists and why they should follow it.

In April 2011, Friday Night Smackdown introduced Jinder Mahal in a backstage promo. Originally, not much was known about Mahal until two weeks later when The Great Khali turned on his “brother”/ translator, Ranjin Singh we learned of the true story behind his arrival to Friday Nights.

It was revealed in the June 3th episode of  Friday Night Smackdown (also known as Smackdown on Syfy) Ranjin Singh in a pre-taped interview who is Mahal and his connection to Khali, Here is a summary of what was said when speaking to commentator Josh Mathews:

 Mahal was always jealous of our family, of Khali (due to his work with WWE and appearances on Indian television) [..] Our [Singh] family was in poverty and Mahal married our sister and constantly berates her and orders Khali to obey his orders or [Mahal] will divorce the sister and send the family back to poverty …..

The WWE Universe ( WWE Fans) needs to fear Jinder Mahal.

Originally, I did not understand the story because I didn’t understand the family situation, then I did a little research and found that in India the culture is not like American culture. Situations like this tend to happen in India ( not often, but it does happen) but not in North America.

WWE , short for World Wrestling Entertainment is an American institution and the largest fan-base for their Sports-Entertainment hybrid (or variation, if you will) of Pro-Wrestling is North America  but they as well have several International fan-bases, including India.

In India, Khali is the equivalent of Hulk Hogan at the height of 80’s WWF in terms of being a top draw and is respected in the community.

Since WWE has a global audience, It’s only fair that they try out storylines for the international audience since they sacrifice so much to catch up with WWE Television ( Raw airs live from 9-11.05 Monday Nights, which in turn is from 2am-4:05am Tuesday Mornings and WWE PPVs air from 7-11pm Sunday Nights which translate to 1am-5am Monday Mornings depending on PPV length.)

The problem with these storylines is that they don’t hit close to home in North America so viewers cant make heads or tails of it.

Also, the storyline isn’t explained with a use of a video package or an online piece on WWE.com. This past Monday Night Raw, which aired on September 5th and called on-air as WWE Raw SuperShow, Commentator Michael Cole who works as a liasion for RAW on Friday Nights for Smackdown took the time to explain the story and break it down for the Raw audience that generally don’t watch Smackdown.

Kudos to Michael Cole to explain the situation for the broadcast, however it may get repetitive if Cole, Josh Mathews repeat the situation on every Raw and Smackdown they appear. True WWE fams would know most storyline by heart so you wouldn’t need the announce team repeat the situation. I believe that WWE should do a story on WWE.com on the situation so that online fans will get a better understanding of the story.

The WWE fans and the dirtsheet writers who don’t understand the story is because they aren’t clued into the culture that the story is revolved around:

  • Greed and Money being used to exploit a financial shortfall and personal feelings
  • Greed being used to force one’s hand to commit things that would normally not occur
  • Local Influence being used to exploit one’s personal decisions
If there was an online piece or a video package on Raw and Smackdown explaining the story and try to sway the audience to try to comprehend the unfathomable situation that Khali is in.

There is also another reason that people don’t understand the storyline, whenever Jinder cuts a promo, most of the promo is in his native tongue sprinkled in with some English words.

If WWE fans were to understand, they would probably see the storyline in a different light than they do now.


6 thoughts on “Why most viewers don’t really care for Khali/Mahal Storyline on Smackdown!

  1. I think its Smackdown’s network that makes people not care. SyFy just can’t draw the viewers, so no one watches. Then they put them both on RAW in that tag match cold. They should have had a lil video before they did the match.

      • There was presidence for nerds staying home to watch TV on Fridays with shows like the X-Files. But that was on network TV and not cable… and it was X-Files.

        The network really impacts things and the eyeballs it can get. They had a drop in ratings when they went from CW to SyFy and NXT and new ECW were always 1.1 ratings. Plus people see that if its not RAW, they’re not watching.

        As for the Khali / Jinder storyline. Forgive me, but I don’t watch Smackdown… since it was on UPN. But here are my thoughts from what I know.
        – Jinder is married to Khali’s sister, so Khali is a servant basically.
        — Where’s the sister? I know she’s back in India, but this is television. The sister needs to be seen. She needs to be seen being mistreated by Jinder. That way the fans can actually get behind Khali and want to see him destroy Jinder.
        — She married Jinder because they live in poverty back in India? What Khali’s WWE money can’t support her? Maybe I’m missing something.
        – In reality Jinder and Kahli should be destroying people. After seeing them on RAW, I know Jinder is a giant. Or if he’s playing mind games with Khali, then he can play mind games with the rest of the WWE and make Khali destroy people for him.
        — Put them in a tag team, that way Khali’s limitations can be hidden and he can be kept strong when Jinder loses their tag matches 🙂

  2. @workmancer
    I totally agree with the Khali/Jinder, the problem is that WWE hasnt made this easier for some viewers to understand.
    You understand the situation and the storyline to some extent and you said it that you generally dont watch SD!

  3. Even if it were I’m not all that big of a fan of it, because its flawed, but whatever. They do what they want. Maybe this is a giant angle in India that they’re glued to the TV about.

    Generally nope. I only know about Jinder from reading his WWE profile and seeing him lose on RAW. I had no idea he was a giant til I saw him on RAW.

    I imaginary book matches and I made 3 months of Jinder and Khali a tag team and posted it.

  4. Jinder is a big guy. He can talk and he’s from India. He has World Champion written all over him. WWE likes to put unique guys on top who stick out…. even if they like to put them in short black tights, black kneepads and black boots.

    Not right off the bat of course. But they could make money with him.

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