WWE ,Why is there a ‘Bragging Rights’ PPV?

Sunday, October 24th was the second annual WWE pay-per-view event known as ‘Bragging Rights’, which serves as a clash between the locker rooms of WWE TV’s two main shows: Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

The event was held that the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It was the first WWE pay-per-view I’ve seen in recent months since WWE SummerSlam.

I don’t really understand why there is a Raw vs SmackDown rivalry, sine they are civil to each other and hold a draft lottery to decide what person is switched from Raw to Smackdown and from Smackdown to Raw.

However, Since the news SmackDown vs. Raw game was released prior to the PPV event, I can see why they created the concept. Personally I think that should WWE decide to cancel a PPV, it should be Bragging Rights. The pay-per-view it replaced, No Mercy, was a better PPV concept, as was No Way Out and Resurrextion (that is how WWE spelled Resurrection).

This year’s PPV was more action intense, it was full of action and less on the cheesy segments. This PPV shows the fans as to what show you can see more action: Raw or SmackDown. To me, the rivalry makes no sense, but if its helps show the fans what’s up and hypes up the SmackDown Vs Raw videogames and the TV shows, then it works.
PS: I am a fan of WWE SmackDown since it started in 1999, andcontinue to watch it. GO SMACKDOWN!


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