Why wont TNA Wrestling Start Anew, instead of being WCW 2.0

Growing up as a wrestling fan, we had three great choices to watch: WCW Monday Nitro on TNT, ECW on TNN (which is now Spike TV), ECW’s syndicated show, ECW Hardcore TV and WWE’s Monday Night Raw which was then called ‘WWF Raw is War’.
WCW was great because you had two reasons to watch; the N.W.O and the successful Cruiserweight division. ECW was great because you saw some great wrestling and the use of weapons really added to the realism of ECW because it didn’t look like the other two.

And the WWE- er, I mean back when the company was called the World Wrestling Federation or WWF (not the wildlife fund, mind you) had something that revolutionized the business by taking a page from ECW and creating ‘WWF Attitude’.

However, Wrestling took a huge hit in the year 2001: ECW went broke due to being thrown off of TNN/Spike TV and WCW went down because of their bad ratings, throwing money up in the air like it was water and paying people RIDICULOUS amount of money.

Today, there are still 3 companies left, the rechristened World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE), Total Nonstop Wrestling (or T.N.A Wrestling) and Ring of Honor wrestling( or ROH Wrestling) However, times are now different. The WWE is now a publicly traded company, and is the #1 Wrestling company, TNA is #2 and ROH is # 3. TNA does have great young talent, its just that many of those young talent are pushed aside so that former WWE talent who were released (of either of their own reconnaissance or doing something wrong that got them fired) get the bigger airtime and the pushes.

Sure, TNA fans who as they say ‘are drinking that kool-aid’ or in the wrestling business known as marks( who praise a company or wrestler religiously and ignore whatever flaw they may have) may not even acknowledge the fact that TNA is basically redoing WCW storylines but on a different network and that they would say that WWE sucks or ROH sucks and probably wont care when someone show them the reason or point out their flaws. But TNA fans are the most unique when it comes to chants, they would say: ‘This is Boring’, ‘This is Awesome’(even when its not) the famous TNA chant and the most infamous chant the fans have said during a PPV was ‘Masturbation’ at a match featuring the female wrestlers or ‘TNA Knockouts’ as referred to them on air at the 2010 TNA No Surrender PPV.

However, just because TNA impact may be the most popular show airing Thursdays on Spike TV and that many of Today’s TNA fans weren’t around when WCW went under, that doesn’t mean that you have to recreate what brought down WCW in 2001. Sure, on a Financial Level, they’re not WCW, because a separate firm Owns TNA and MTV Networks Own Spike TV. But if they truly want to survive, do what the WWE has been doing for years: push the younger talent and have the older talent willing to help the stars of tomorrow, because WCW’s veteran main event stars didn’t want to help the younger stars and look where WCW is now.


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