Cablevision v News Corp, It’s a lose-lose situation

As a Cablevision user and a Giants fans, I was incredibly pissed when I found out that The Giants/ Lions game on FOX 5 WNYW was blocked to Cablevision viewers because of a dispute with WNYW’s parent, News Corporation. News Corp. owns a lot of channels in the NYC area Including Fox News Channel , Fox Business Network, MSG+ and My Network TV affiliate WWOR-TV. WWOR, WNYW, Fox Business Network and NAT GEO WILD were the channels removed at Midnight on October 16th 2010.

It Doesn’t matter which side wants more money, because at the end of the day the viewers all lose. This isn’t the first time that Cablevision managed to screw the viewers around the first time: On January 2010, Cablevision dropped Food Network due to a dispute with Food Network’s parent, Scripps Network and on the Day of the Oscars, WABC, the ABC station in NYC was dropped but was brought back as the awards ceremony started.

In no way, I am saying that News Corp. is the innocent victim of all this since earlier this year, they almost took FOX off of Time Warner Cable but they caved in at the last minute. I Just wonder why doesn’t the MLB and the NFL ‘encourage’( by encourage I mean force) Fox to resign a deal with Cablevision, since they are also losing viewers as well. I’m guessing that MLB saw this coming and put the ALCS on the TBS network, maybe they should move all Baseball games to TBS or keep it on that all-baseball network, MLB Network.

Well, now Fox viewers using Cablevision are all screwed out of NFL ON FOX, the Sunday lineup ‘Animation Domination’ and now the FOX primetime viewers are taking the back end of the deal since FOX’s primetime Lineup is one of the Powerhouses of the FOX TV lineups.

News Corp. has 2 deals with Cablevision, One that includes Fox News Channel which is on a separate deal which is run by the News Division and the deal that has just expired.

What is worse about this deal is that both sides are using P.O viewers as bait to blame the other side over who is at fault. Many Viewers are getting ready to make the switch to another provider (e.g. Time Warner Cable, Verizon Fios, Dish Network) to make the decision easier for Cablevision and News Corp, On the bright side, Cablevision’s competitors get more people to subscribe to them and if the deal is signed, it can all be back to normal.

However, on the negative side, If the deal isn’t signed soon, The NFL, MLB may step in and take their broadcasting deal off of Fox and move it to TBS and NBC and the FCC will see what both sides are REALLY doing and will be trying to stop it before it gets more out of hand than it already is.
Whatever deal that the two make, whatever the outcome is, The viewers are the one that lose either way.
Oh and by the way (Sarcasm) gee, thanks Cablevision and Fox for NOT letting me see the game on TV, Ill just switch to Radio from Now on.


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