New York Times Manga Best Seller List, September 26-October 2

The New York Times' Top 10 Manga Best Seller List

The New York Times's Manga Best Seller List of The Week

The New York Times newspaper has listed the manga bestsellers in the United States for the week ending on October 2. Young C. Kim’s graphic novel adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight vampire novel returns to the separate Hardcover Graphic Books list at #7. The previous week’s chart was the first time in 28 weeks that this book did not appear on the list.

  1. HETALIA AXIS POWERS, VOL. 1, by Hidekaz Himaruya. (TOKYOPOP, $10.99.) From the publisher: “Get ready to brush up on world history with these handsome and hysterical personifications of the Axis Powers as they meet, become friends and form one of the most powerful alliances the world has ever seen.”
  2. DANCE IN THE VAMPIRE BUND, VOL. 8, by Nozomu Tamaki. (Seven Seas, $10.99.) This series is about life a special island, off the coast of Japan, that is a haven to vampires. In this installment: nanomachines threaten the bloodsuckers.
  3. BERSERK, VOL. 34, by Kentaro Miura. (Dark Horse Comics, $14.99.) In order to battle a swarm of demons, the Band of the Hawk must take on their own monstrous forms. According to the publisher, this series is all about epic action, gruesome horror and dark humor.
  4. FAIRY TAIL, VOL. 12, by Hiro Mashima. (Del Rey, $10.99.) The Fairy Tail is a club of powerful wizards. In this installment, the good guys try to stop a feared black wizard from being revived.
  5. MAXIMUM RIDE, VOL. 3, by James Patterson and NaRae Lee. (Yen Press, $12.99.) Isn’t being a kid hard enough? For this group, who are also part bird, nothing comes easy. An F.B.I. agent steps in to help, but the evil “erasers” lurk around the corner. 7
  6. THE DARK-HUNTERS, VOL. 3, by Sherrilyn Kenyon. (St. Martin’s Griffin, $9.99.) Is an accountant scarier than a vampire? Find out in this graphic novel adaptation of the best-selling “Dark-Hunters” novels, which have been described as a “paranormal romance series.”
  7. MAID SAMA!, VOL. 6, by Hiro Fujiwara. (TOKYOPOP, $10.99.) This series is about Misaki, a feminist and the president of the student council… who works at a maid cafe. What will happen when “the sexiest boy at school” finds out?
  8. BLEACH, VOL. 32, by Tite Kubo. (VIZ Media, $9.99.) Ichigo Kurosaki sees dead people and must help usher them safely into the afterlife.
  9. DEADMAN WONDERLAND, VOL. 3, by Jinsei Kataoka. (TOKYOPOP, $10.99.) “Deadman Wonderland” is a prison to which Ganta Igarashi has been wrongly sent. Will he survive the experience?
  10. WORLD OF WARCRAFT: SHAMAN, by Paul Benjamin and Rocio Zucchio. (TOKYOPOP, $12.99.) This series expands the stories of several “World of Warcraft” characters. The protagonist, High Shaman Muln Earthfury, is apparently beloved by Warcraft fans.

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