Bronx pool gets quiet in heat wave

The hot, muggy weather means attendance at nearly every public pool citywide is up this summer. But not at the Barretto Point Park floating pool, which has seen 7,300 less visitors this year than last.
That’s because kids have no way to get there, say some. In June, the MTA eliminated a shuttle bus that took kids from the South Bronx to the Hunts Point pool to save $100,000.
“It’s been almost the hottest July on record. Numbers should be up,” said Adam Liebowitz, of the Point Community Development Corporation. “In previous summers you had to wait on line 20, 30 minutes before you could go in. But now I’ve heard the lines are gone. It’s obviously because of the lack of public transportation.”
The floating pool is one the city’s “most popular pools,” said a parks department spokesperson, and frequently reached full capacity this summer.
The shuttle bus first came to the area in 2008 to help kids get there and was supposed to stay for a three-year period.
Now, poolgoers endure a 30-minute walk from the 6 train. Taking the Bx6, which the MTA recommends, still requires an 11-block walk through an industrial area of Hunts Point police say is known for prostitution, and speeding 18-wheelers.

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