Bowne AFJROTC Student has died

Luan Daniel Candido Silva, a member of John Bowne HS’s AFJROTC Unit # NY-20051 has died on July 31st at 2135.

A Native of Astoria, Queens,  Luan was also a part of a local Techno group Perez Bros under the name ‘Daff Boy Sp’ until the group disbanded in Early 2010.

Perez Bros Member Ricky Ruiz aka DjTechno92 told me he was in hospital for 15 days for reasons he wasn’t told of. Ricky talked about Luan to me:

‘‘When he was was just fun, we would chill and chill sometimes have sleep overs and it was fun, dont get me wrong there were times where i felt like slapping him but i never did it…..he meant alot to me…he was my brother, my #1 nigga, my top dude’’

”its just sad to see him go after all the things we talked bout and had planned for the future”

Ricky said that he missed him after the group’s disbanding and misses him now.

Luan had planned to become either a professional soccer player or Join The US Air Force.

The Funeral will be in at:

  • Lockwood Funeral Home
  • 255 21st Street Brooklyn, NY.
  • August 3rd at 1430

One thought on “Bowne AFJROTC Student has died

  1. (Incidentally our group was called the Perez Bros)
    I’m going to miss him :c We had good times, we did. Like anyone, Luan would sometimes get frustrated, but I never heard him yell. It was always me, Daff Boy SP, and Dj Techno92. Laughing all the time about inside jokes, like the nickname Waterboy, and hollow brazilian noodles… it won’t be the same without Luan :c He’ll live on in our hearts forever, especially when we reminisce with the old time game ‘remember when?’
    We love you, Waterboy, we miss you.

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