Queens Man Paiva Killed While Defending His Brother

A 27-year-old Kingsborough Community College student was stabbed to death Friday night after he tried to defend his younger brother against four thugs.

Dario Paiva, of Woodhaven, was killed around 11:30 p.m. after racing to the 85th Street-Forest Parkway subway station in an attempt to rescue his brother, Khristian Paiva.

The altercation reportedly began after an argument between the four men and a girl on the street. Khristian was on the phone with his mother when the gang targeted him shortly after; his mom, overhearing the threats, called his brother to go to the station to help him.

When Dario arrived, the gang fled into the subway station, and the brothers decided to follow them up to the elevated platform so that they could later identify them for the police.

Dario confronted the men on the platform and all four pulled out knives, one of them stabbing Dario in the heart. Emergency medical technicians took him to Jamaica Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Paiva was studying to be a lawyer and was making plans to transfer to Queens College.

No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing.


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