The Undertaker marries Michelle McCool

WWE Legend The Undertaker (real name Mark Calaway) got married to Smackdown Diva Michelle McCool in a low key ceremony in Houston, Texas.

The Pair have been romantically linked for several years. Michelle is 15 years his junior. A Very small collection of friends (including some former WWE Talent) were invited to see the ceremony of Taker, 45 and Co- Womens Champion McCool, 30.

A photo on was put up on the Twitter page of Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria in WWF/E and Tara in TNA)showing her pictured with McCool, Former WCW and WWF/E diva Torrie Wilson and former WWE and TNA talent Sharmell Sullivan ( Booker T’s Wife) over the weekend.

The Undertaker is off WWE TV, sidelined for an injury during a match with Rey Mysterio, is explained by storyline as being found in vegetative state.

This is the Undertaker’s third marriage.  He was married to Jodi Lynn from 1989-1999 with one son. He got married to Sara the following year, and they have two daughters and Taker had Sara’s name tattooed on his neck, which on WWE TV is not seen.

Sara has also been seen on WWE TV during the WCW invasion fo the early 2000’s, when she was ‘stalked’ by former WCW talent ‘Diamond’ Dallas  Page even wrestling him on one occasion.

Michelle, who in storyline is the ‘self-professed’ Co-women’s Champion  when her friend Layla El won the Women’s belt from Beth Phoenix. Although in reality, the WWE recognizes Layla as the Women’s Champion.

Michelle had a previous marriage to a high school sweetheart, but the marriage ended in 2006.

This union may not be mentioned or even acknowledged by WWE TV and its announcers.


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