Is Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart Done with the WWE?

As should have been obvious based on the manner in which WWE wrote Bret Hart out of the RAW general manager picture, “Hit Man” is done with WWE at least for the time being.

Details on what led to the parting of ways are unclear, but in a note that may or may not be related, sources have reported that Hart’s Lloyd’s of London insurer was unhappy with the level of physicality in his angle with the Nexus on last week’s RAW.

With Bret unavailable beginning with Sunday’s Fatal 4 Way, WWE had to drop a planned face-to-face confrontation between Hart and the NXT crew at the pay-per-view and then rewrite RAW.

Some are speculating that Hart could return by the end of the summer, but as of right now, there are no immediate plans for him to make another appearance.

His profile has since been removed fro the WWE Raw Website.


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