Who Led to Daniel Bryan’s Ouster from WWE

Since Daniel Bryan aka by his real name Bryan Danielson was released by the WWE, There has been speculation that Bryan’s release is a work, and that WWE is continuing the NXT invasion story line. However, this appears NOT to be true.

According to various reports from multiple sources including F4WOnline.com, the reason Daniel Bryan was given his WWE release on June 11th is related to the NXT angle on Raw this past Monday night.

Apparently Daniel Bryan choking out the ring announcer with his tie, after ripping his shirt off, was considered a big no-no under the current WWE PG format. The feeling was the spot was too violent and WWE management was said to be less than pleased.

According to a source, one WWE official in particular requested that Bryan be released due to the incident.

There are some (including me) who still feel Daniel Bryan’s release is not a legitimate release, or is at least a move made to further the NXT angle and give it more credibility as a real life situation. Depending on which reports you believe, that is not the case and Bryan has seen his final days with WWE.

With many saying that One WWE official wanted Danielson gone from WWE Completely NOT make him a jobber or send him back to FCW, where he was seen last time before he got ‘future endeavored’..but GONE…

The Two Questions that people are Wondering are :

  • Is this a work? (Probably Not)
  • Who issued the Order to release Danielson?

Some have Speculated that it may have been one of people form Mattel Toys who has a deal with the WWE, while other are saying that it could of been people in Linda McMahon’s Senate campaign. Vince McMahon has said before that WWE’s partnership with Mattel a game-changer and it’s possible that we’re really seeing Mattel’s influence now. It’s important to note that Mattel making the complaint is not confirmed.

The WWE Creative Team told F4WOnline.com that he was future endeavored and that His Twitter page was Changed from ‘DanielBryanNXT’ to ‘BryanDanielson’. Danielson said over Twitter following his release:

”Biding my time, waiting for the right moment to speak.”

Here is Some Facts We already Know gathered up from EWrestlingNews.com

  • The Justin Roberts spot was deemed too violent and it led to the firing, in a call made by Vince, but forced upon him by an “outside force who is important”
  • Complaints came in to the WWE very quickly.
  • The decision was explained to the merchandise and marketing people, PR team, company doctor before it was announced that it was a legit firing.
  • The person who complained was someone from the “outside, important to the company”
  • Danielson is being called a “scapegoat”
  • No timetable has been given, but he was said to be left with the impression that he would be welcomed back at a later time once things pass over.
  • Danielson is now looking for indy dates.
  • Danielson has a 90 day no-compete clause.

With respect to the possibility of Vince working his own employees, he’s definitely capable of it, and a much more “insane” situation is currently going on with a much bigger name than Danielson in WWE right now.

WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross commented on the News on his website jrsbbq.com :

”I was surprised to get up Saturday morning and to read that Daniel Bryan or Bryan Danielson had been released from WWE. I am not sure of the exact circumstances and until that information is confirmed it’s hard to make any definitive comments. Bryan is a talented wrestler who is not going to have any trouble finding work.

His in ring style is unique, the young man has certainly paid his ‘dues,’ what ever that means now days, and he’s arguably the most talked about performer on NXT. Certainly Bryan leaves WWE with momentum and with more fans knowing his name than at any point in his career. Plus, who is to say that Bryan will never return to WWE? There may be a great deal more to this matter than any of us know or, honestly, need to know at this time.”

I Wish that the WWE didnt release him for that,and Since he was the most well-liked in the locker room, He may return to the WWE.

Now that we know that Vince is starting to get Outside Influence on how to Run his company, that may explain some of the ridiculous storylines and stipulations put on on WWE TV Specifically Raw, since SmackDown!, Superstars and NXT are considered the Better Shows.

That also Explains why some characters don’t get the push they deserve and in some cases why some Talent were future endeavored (i.e. Mickie James, Shelton Benjamin, Katie Lee Burchill, etc) and since the WWE have Deals that have become Game Changers, What does that mean for the average fan who may not understand the inside politics and the Business side of Pro Wrestling or Sports Entertainment or whatever you want to call it.

Who is the person that is “outside, important to the company”? Whoever that may be may have created a PR mess for WWE. Let’s see what Happens Next..


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