The End of NXT Season 1, and the New Season 2

WWE_NXT On the June 1st  Broadcast of the Season 1 Finale of NXT, we saw the New Rookies and Pros for Season 2 Premiering on June 8th, and the WWE’s Next Breakout star is now Wade Barrett.



The New Pros for Season Two:

  • Cody Rhodes
  • Montel Vontavious Porter aka M.V.P
  • Zack Ryder ( My Prayers go to his Rookie)
  • Mark Henry
  • John Morrison
  • Intercontinetal Champion Kofi Kingston
  • Michelle McCool and Women’s Champ Layla El aka ‘Lay-Cool’ the self-professed co-Womens Champions.
  • and Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin returns for Season Two

The New Rookies for Season Two:

  • Mike McGillicutty, His Real Name is Joseph Hennig who is the son ofWWE Hall Of Famer ”Mr. Perfect” Curt Henning ( I dont know why WWE is Disrespecting the Henning Name)
  • Alex Riley, whose real name is Kevin Kiley who has competed in  dark matches for WWE from July to September 2009

Wade Barrett named ‘Next Breakout Star’

Wade Barrett won NXT, David Otunga said this couldn’t be real, he must be getting punk’d. David said it’s okay because he’s been eliminated from a reality show before and went on to become bigger and better. David said even though he didn’t win he’s still the breakout star.

Wade said this wasn’t anything him or Chris Jericho didn’t know from the beginning. Wade said he didn’t come to WWE or NXT for a pat on the back or to gain approval. Wade said he came there to make a lot of coin and now he has a PPV title match. Wade said this was the beginning of a brand new era, the era of Wade Barrett..

My Take on the ‘Next Breakout Star’, Other Rookies

I Personally Think that Daniel Bryan is the actual breakout star of NXT, and with this feud he has going on with Michael Cole and The Miz, He may actually stay at the WWE rather than Returning to the farm FCW with the Other Rookies. I Was glad that Otunga didnt win, In my opinion, despite having somewhat of a career in FCW if He wasnt engaged to Jennifer Hudson he wouidnt be on the show because as Wade Barrett said it himself the Only Thing David has is the ‘It’ Factor.

What Surprised me that When all the Rookies Showed up , and was asked that who Should Win NXT? All the Rookies (Except for Michael Tarver, who said he should of won and Skip Sheffield who didn’t care) the Rookies wanted Wade to win. Remember Earlier in NXT before Tarver and Bryan were thrown from the show by Management, all the rookies wanted Otunga gone.


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