Healthy restaurant closed by rodents

The Williamsburg grocery and cafe Urban Rustic prides itself on knowing where its local and organic food comes from — a mission inspired by co-owner Aaron Woolf’s documentary “King Corn,” a critical look at American agribusiness. 

The city’s health department, however, found some organic matter which could not be properly sourced, and shuttered the popular hangout after an inspection Friday. Besides rodent violations, the eatery was also cited for food stored at unsafe temperatures.

Urban Rustic’s Twitter feed posted a note saying it would be closed until midweek for construction, but failed to mention the violations. Woolf said the construction would seal off an electrical closet where the droppings were found. When inspectors return today, he expects they’ll get the okay to reopen.

“They’re looking for things, we’re grateful they do, and we’re going to remedy them,” Woolf said.

He added: “A food establishment is the only thing dumber than a documentary to put your money in. But we’re doing okay.”


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