Who’s the new guy on TVNewser.com? ABC/CBS Conspiracy??

Mediabistro.com’s TV Newser Website hires an editor, Alex Weprin for its website, and then writes about a supposed ”Controversy” over the recently launched ‘Good Morning America’ graphics that may have taken a page from CBS’s ”The Early Show” graphics from 2008, The ‘Controversy was pointed out a YouTube User.

Alex Weprin Writes:

‘YouTube user “BroadcastTVNews” has uncovered a morning news show conspiracy of epic proportions. Don’t believe me? Watch the irrefutable video proof below.””THEY BOTH USE THE COLORS BLUE AND YELLOW.


First of all,since when does using the same colors for a morning newscast (or any newscast in general)is illegal?

Second of all, The Early Show used a different shade of blue and yellow and had some green in the graphics. ( The Early Show has since relaunched their graphics)

Third of all,  ‘‘Epic Proportions”?? REALLY?? there is NO CONSPIRACY about this, TV News has been doing this for years and lastly, Although the official tagline of TVNewser.com is ”And Now the News…about TV News” Alex Weprin may need to look up what a Conspiracy Really means.

CBS did NOT go after ABC News for this and neither did NBC when CBS took a page from NBC’s ”Today” when ‘Early Show’ went HD in 2010.

My Assumption is that either Alex is the person behind the YouTube channel ”BroadcastTVNews”, or a newbie that made one EPIC mistake in talking about a ‘Conspiracy’. since the video was posted on YouTube there has been ZERO comments.

Credit: BroadcastTVNews


a screenshot of the story on TVNewser


6 thoughts on “Who’s the new guy on TVNewser.com? ABC/CBS Conspiracy??

      • the video you gave me the link to said it{ the 2010 GMA Graphics} drew inspiration from the Early Show 2008 graphics, BroadcastTVNews called it a conspiracy. and its a Shame that TVNewser and Newscaststudio.com picked up this so-called ‘conspiracy’

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