Subway annoucements still subpar

Subway announcements aren’t up to snuff, especially ones telling riders about delays, according to a survey released Sunday by the Straphangers Campaign.

“They aren’t accurate. It gets on my nerves,” said Victor Suedass, 19, a Queens rider.
The survey of 6,600 announcements across all 22 lines found:

-The C, D, G, R and No. 7 trains performed the worst, with announcements made on less than a third of the trips.

– Notices on the Nos. 4, 5, 6, L, M and N trains were nearly always heard clearly, with all of those lines featuring digitized messages.

The notices were garbled, incorrect or missing on more than half of the trips with delays.

“The announcements have to be clear, especially with delays.” said Edwin Gold, 77, a Manhattan rider.

Basic announcements are supposed to list six pieces of information, including the station name and transfer options.. Delays must be explained immediately after a train stops and detail why it’s happening, not just that there’s a red signal or schedule change.

“We’re stopped because we’re stopped doesn’t give any useful information,” said Cate Contino, of the Straphangers Campaign.

In its own survey last year, the MTA found that announcements were made in 90 percent of its trains.
“We are also working to make certain that train crews keep customers informed when issues arise,” NYC Transit spokesman Charles Seaton said.


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