New phone app promises an easier taxi hail

That’s one ‘hail’ of an app.
A new free smart phone application promises to take some of the pain out of hailing a yellow cab from the street. Using data from the Taxi and Limousine Commission, the CabSense app tells users which corner near them is the best place to grab a cab.
“We’ve all stood at a corner waiting for a cab, and wondered should I try another corner. CabSense answers that question,” said Jeff Schmidt of Sense Networks, a city company that developed the app for the iPhone and Android.
Programmers analyzed 90 million taxi trips to trace where hacks most frequently stop at different times of the day, according to the company. The program also recommends livery car services in areas not frequented by yellow cabs.
About 500 people have downloaded the program since it launched earlier in the week, Schmidt said. To get it, go to

Top cab pickup spots according to Cabsense

1. 7 Ave & W 32 St

2. W 33 St & 8 Ave

3. 5th Ave & E 82nd St


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