Murder in subway adds to crime rise

Hot on the heels of news that New York City’s murder rate is 22 percent higher this year than last, two men were stabbed to death on the subway early yesterday morning.

The killings occurred on a downtown 2 train at 5 a.m. Sunday; a brawl broke out on the train when a man accidentally hit another with a bag of garbage he was tossing out the door at a local stop north of 14th St. The train pulled into Houston Street with two men dead in a bloody train car. A third man was stabbed in the neck and arm.

The city may layoff 3,150 cops as part of budget cuts, even as violent crimes, like murders, rapes and burglaries, are on the rise. In Manhattan alone, the murder rate rose 78 percent from this time last year.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who bragged one week ago “there is no crime on the subway,” admitted he’s worried there are too few cops.

It’s gotten so bad that the NYPD held an emergency meeting last week to speak to detectives at each precinct with a crime spike, the New York Post reported.

“This violent and deplorable incident makes it all the more clear that we cannot jeopardize safety by cutting the NYPD budget,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.


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