Lesbian Teachers Charged After Classroom Romp

Two female teachers from James Madison High School in Brooklyn — who were allegedly caught getting it on in a classroom — will be charged by the Office of Special Investigations, according to PIX 11.

French teacher Cindy Mauro, 34, and Spanish teacher, Alini Brito, 30, who is apparently married, will reportedly be charged with professional misconduct.

The pair was busted by a school janitor who caught the “undressed” instructors allegedly sharing a kiss in the empty classroom at James Madison High School during a Nov. 20 assembly.

Officials say the women, both tenured teachers, were immediately removed from the classroom following the incident and sent to “rubber rooms,” also known as the Department of Education disciplinary chambers.

Outraged students created a Facebook page to sound off on the incident involving the two popular teachers.

When the incident occurred, a spokesperson for the New York City Department of Education confirmed to PIX News that the teachers were reassigned, but fell short of releasing details of the alleged tryst.

“The school is investigating an incident of employee misconduct while the school was having an event in the assembly,” school officials said in a statement. “The two teachers, who are tenured, have been reassigned, pending the outcome of the investigation.”

DOE officials say the allegations have been proven to be valid and teachers will likely face disciplinary action.


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