Cops: LI Couple Swapped Out Jell-O Pudding Mix With Sand, Returned Product

According to Suffolk County police, a Woodbury couple replaced Jello-O pudding mix with salt and sand and returned it back to the supermarket.

A Long Island couple was arrested and charged Sunday for tampering with Jell-O brand pudding mixes purchased at local supermarkets in what police are calling a bizarre incident.

Alexander and Christine Clement were charged with petit larceny and tampering with a consumer product.

According to police, the pair purchased several boxes of Jell-O pudding mix from at least 5 supermarkets in Suffolk. The couple would then remove the original powder mix, re-fill the boxes with a sandwich bag containing aquarium sand and return it to the store for a refund of $1.40 per box.

Authorities believe the couple had no intention of inflicting physical harm to any consumers. Rather, they just wanted to obtain the pudding mixes for free.

A customer complaint prompted police to screen several hours of surveillance tape which eventually led them to the pair.

None of the individuals that purchased the product that had been tampered with were injured.

Alexander and Christine Clement are expected to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip this week


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