N.Y.P.D Looking For Naomi Campbell After Alleged Assault on Driver

New York City police are on the hunt for supermodel Naomi Campbell after she reportedly assaulted her driver Tuesday afternoon.

Law enforcement officials say Campbell got into a fight with the unidentified driver and proceeded to slap and punch him from the back seat. The 27-year-old man says Campbell struck the steering wheel, causing bruising under his right eye.

It is not clear what sparked the assault.

The driver pulled over the black Cadillac Escalade in Midtown Manhattan near 58th Street and Second Avenue where he called 911. He claims the 39-year-old model jumped out of the car and took off.

The alleged victim, who was hired for just the day, was taking Campbell to Astoria Studios in Queens.

Authorities are looking to speak to Campbell. The NYPD is deciding whether or not to charge Campbell with a crime.

The model’s spokesman Jeff Raymond wasn’t available for comment late Tuesday afternoon.

This isn’t the first instance Campbell is accused of roughing someone up.

In March 2005, she allegedly slapped her assistant Amanda Brack and beat her with a BlackBerry. That same year, an Italian actress claimed Campbell left her “covered in blood” following an altercation at a Rome hotel. The fight was reportedly sparked over a dress the actress had wanted to wear.

In March 2006, New York City police took Campbell into custody for allegedly assaulting a house keeper with a cell phone. The victim had apparently suffered injuries to her head that required several stitches.

Campbell pleaded guilty on Jan. 16, 2007, to a charge of reckless assault against her housekeeper Ana Scolavino. She was sentenced to five days community service and ordered to attend two days at an anger management course.

That following April, Campbell was reportedly arrested inside Heathrow airport for allegedly beating a cop after one of her bags had been lost.


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