Students From LI School Destroyed By Fire Return To Class

Hundreds of students displaced from a fire that destroyed their school have found a new home and are heading back to class Tuesday.

Some 320 students from South Bay Elementary School in West Babylon will be arriving at the steps of Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church.

The church is just one mile away from South Bay Elementary and students will be there for the remainder of the school year.

Our Lady of Grace offered to lease one of its educational wings to South Bay Elementary. The wing was originally built in the 1960s and was intended to be used as a space for a Catholic school, but its purpose was never fulfilled.

The K-5 school will be set up in 16 classrooms and have a cafeteria and recreational area.

All religious materials have been removed from the wing in anticipation of the students’ arrival.

The school district will be paying $1,250 per day to use the wing. Part of the rent will be paid by an insurance company.

On Thursday, a fire tore through the school and completely destroy two of its three wings.

Fire officials say the blaze began in a boiler room.

The exact cost of the fire damage will be determined at the conclusion of the fire investigation and after an insurance adjuster examines the school.


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