Residents Jump Out Window to Escape High-Rise Fire

Some tenants of a Bronx apartment building were forced to jump out of their windows Monday afternoon as a fire tore through the complex.

A woman, desperate for her baby’s survival, tossed her infant from her apartment window.

A witness told  New York’s PIX  News the woman was clearly distraught over the heartbreaking decision she had to make.

“This has got to be a dream. This can’t be happening. Please catch my baby,” a witness said the mother yelled. The baby luckily survived the harrowing ordeal.

The intense flames forced a man to jump from the fourth floor of his apartment. Fire officials say many children were overcome by the thick smoke.

“They were bringing a baby downstairs…and the baby was not breathing,” said another resident. “It was such a pitiful sight.”

Fire officials say the flames broke out inside the Pelham Parkway Houses in the Bronx Monday afternoon.

The fire started on the fifth floor of the building, located on 785 Pelham Parkway North around 2:15 p.m.

Rescue crews say 10 people were injured. One man is reportedly in serious condition.

The building — described as a New York City Public Housing Development — is the home to nearly 3,000 residents.

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