U.S. Marines and Afghan Troops Launch Attack on Taliban-Held Town

American and Afghan troops launched an attack on Marja, a Taliban-held town in southern Helmand Province, The Associated Press reported. In this attack, commanders say they will do something they have never done before: bring in an Afghan government and police force behind them.

American and British troops will stay on to support them. Marja is intended to serve as a prototype for a new type of military operation, based on the counterinsurgency thinking propounded by Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal in the prelude to President Obama’s decision in December to increase the number of American troops here to nearly 100,000.


3 thoughts on “U.S. Marines and Afghan Troops Launch Attack on Taliban-Held Town

  1. It’s hard to see how any of this will make a difference, or even a dent. Afghanistan is a narco-state. Really the groups there, tribes, local factions etc. are fighting for control of the drug trade. Control of the state is viewed as beside the point. It makes things easier, but the local chieftans can do without it, too. Most of the time they simply ignore the nation-state and its attributes, and this is more than history or tradition, it is encouraged by the form of trade. The analogy is not to Vietnam, like so many Americans wrongly insist, but to Colombia, which is perhaps even worse—at least there was an eventual resolution to Vietnam; there is no resolution to conflict in a narco-state.

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