Brooklyn Mom Charged With Leaving Kids In Burning Apartment

A Brooklyn mother was charged Saturday with endangering the lives of her two young sons after they nearly died in an apartment fire Friday.

Milagros Perez was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, after two of her three children were rescued from their burning East New York apartment. Authorities say Perez allegedly left her four-year-son Ezekial and two-year-old son Renaldo alone in the apartment for 25 minutes when flames broke out.

The boys were found unconscious in their upstairs bedroom — one on top of the bed and the other underneath.

“Visibility was pretty much down to zero, so it was pretty much search by feel and using the thermal camera,” said Lt. Bill Croak. “We brought the kids out to Engine 257 who actually successfully resuscitated both kids.”

Initially, both children registered with no pulse, but were miraculously brought back to consciousness, and left breathing on their own.

The children were taken to New York Hospital in serious but stable condition.


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