Canary Islands hit by heavy downpour

A massive rainstorm has caused widespread damage to the Spanish holiday island of Tenerife.

Some 82 millimetres of rain fell in 24 hours, more than twice the average monthly rainfall.

Schools have been shut and thousands left without electricity as authorities and locals try to clean up the mess.

One woman said: ‘‘We were evacuated by the firemen because we couldn’t get rid of the water. The water up to our waists.”

Another man said: “I’m very relieved that I was just able to save my three-month old daughter and my wife.’‘

The government issued an emergency warning across the entire Canary Islands archipelago following the torrential rain.

Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz was especially badly hit. Two and a half hours of intense rain caused flash flooding in the city, turning roads into rivers.

One of Santa Cruz’s most famous landmarks, the church of La Conception, was also a big casualty with fears of damage to the buildings ancient interior.


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