Cop Sodomy Accuser Gives Lurid Details Of Alleged Attack

A Brooklyn man who claims he was sodomized with a baton by a New York City cop was in court Monday to face his alleged attacker and disclose the graphic details in which he was apparently attacked.

Michael Mineo, 25, told jurors he felt four jabs into his backside as he lay on the ground of a subway station, handcuffed and surrounded by cops the night of Oct. 15, 2008. According to reports, the whole time he spoke, Mineo did not look at the three officers who were involved in the alleged attack.

During the proceedings, Mineo confessed to a criminal past, including seven arrests for marijuana, one for gang assault when he was a member of the Crips, one for stolen credit cards and identity theft. He reportedly told jurors he ran from police because he didn’t have i.d. and thought he would be arrested.

Police ran to the Prospect Park subway station where they later tracked Mineo down and arrested him.

Mineo claimed he was taken out of the subway station, bleeding and screaming for help to every passerby as he was led into a police car.

Officer Richard Kern has been charged with assault. Officer Andrew Morales and Alex Cruz have been charged with the cover up.

If convicted, Kern could face a 25-year prison term. Meanwhile Morales and Cruz could be locked up for up to four years.


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