What Am I Hearing About Tiger Woods?

As I Sit here in my 5th Period US History Class,My Teacher Is Absent ( dont tell her i was typing my blog in class) and Im Sitting here With my Friends, Hector, Pika & Alesha @ John Bowne HS and we’re talking about  hearing about The Tiger Woods Scandal and who EXACTLY is telling the truth about Tiger Woods.
Hector and Pika thinks tht the Women are Lying about their so called affairs, While Alesha reads up her horoscopes and is  listening to her Ipod.
I am reading this article from the NY Daily News about the 9th woman, Cori Rist who according to her had a ” 6 month fling”.
Personally, This Long Going affairs with Sport Stars is WRONG. Most of them have HOT wives and cheat on UGLY people (ex-ESPN analyst Steve phillips), But this is A Different Case ( However, Hector Thinks the 9th Girl is UGLY)Most of my friends think this whole thing is STUPID.
It MAY Be His Life, but I think these affairs may be fake and People will go to Desperate Measures for their 15 Minutes of Fame.

[P.S] The Current Count is Nine Women but i can Guarantee That Over The Course Of Today That MORE Unnecessary Details will be Released and More Phone Calls to be Played on TV ( YES, I Mean MSNBC and ”Countdown with Keith Olbermann”)

(P.P.S.) Shoutouts to My Friends Pika, Alesha and Hector!!…………..


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