The SOA/WHINSEC Protest: Live Coverage


Asnycnow Radio

From Fort Benning,Ga, New York City And in Crete, Greece
Asnycnow Radio Will Provide 2 Hours Worth Of Live Coverage of The live performance


Event at Fort Benning, Georgia, USA To Support The Closing of The School of Americas.


Here is How The Coverage Will Be :
HOUR 1|12PM to 1PM EST: Hour 1 Will Be Hosted By Vicki Nikoladis Live From Crete, Greece
HOUR 2 | 1PM to 2PM EST: Hour 2 Will Be Hosted By Andy Salcedo Live From Brooklyn,NY

In Hour 1, Vicki Will Talk to Lisa Sullivan, Lisa is the coordinator of the SOA Watch Partnership America Latina, based in Venezuela. She has organized several SOA Watch delegations that met with Latin American human rights organizations, social movement groups and representatives of many Latin American governments

, resulting in announcements by five countries that they would withdraw from the SOA. Lisa visited Honduras and met with President Zelaya a few weeks prior to the SOA graduate led military coup and returned to Honduras 10 days after the coup to accompany human rights activists in the streets.

In Hour 2, Andy Will Translate the Live Spanish webaudio SOA Performace Event Live From Fort Benning In Georgia. From 145 PM EST, Andy Will Be Reading The Latest On World News.




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