Cape Verde dengue fever epidemic stabilises

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The City & My Life|AFPA dengue fever epidemic that has already killed six people in Cape Verde has stabilised with less than 600 new cases daily reported in the last two days, authorities here said Monday.

The Atlanic island nation has recorded 12,000 cases of the crippling mosquito-borne disease since October 1.

Last week the number of new cases was on average over 900 daily, the national epidemic surveillance service said Monday. The islands most affected are Santiago, Fogo, Maio and Brava.

The drop in cases follows a massive three day campaign to eradicate the breeding grounds for the type of mosquitoes which transmit the disease, for which there is no vaccine.

“It is too soon to tell if the trend of the stabilisation or drop of the number of cases that we have seen in the past few days is the result of the campaign,” Health Minister Basilio Ramos said.

Dengue causes a severe flu-like illness which can lead to potentially deadly internal bleeding.

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