The City & My Life Wire Reports on The Ft.Hood Shootings

The City & My Life|by andy SALCEDO

The City & My Life Is Dedicating this Entry to Initial Wire Reports on the Ft.Hood, Texas Shooting These Wire Reports were taken on 5 November,2009, The Times Are in Eastern/Standard Time

  • CNN\1711 EST:Spokesman: Eleven killed in shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. One gunman also dead; two other suspects in custody.
  • BNO NEWS\1658 EST:U.S. army official confirms 12 dead, 31 wounded after Fort Hood mass shooting.
  • The shooter, a U.S. soldier, has been shot dead by a police officer. Two suspects arrested.
  • NYTIMES.COM\1558 EST:The U.S. Army has closed its massive Army base at Fort Hood,
  • Texas, amid reports that several people have been shot and killed at the post.
  • CNN\1546 EST:At least seven people killed and 12 wounded in a mass shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, a Pentagon official says.
  • WCBS CBS CHANNEL 2 NEW YORK,NY & KTVT CBS CHANNEL 11 FORT WORTH,TX\ 1545 EST: Seven soldiers were killed at Fort Hood in central Texas Thursday afternoon and 12 others were wounded by two gunmen,
  • CBS station KTVT-TV reports.  The suspects are believed to still be on the loose.Army officials have confirmed a “violent incident” at the post, but have not released any other details.
  • WABC ABC CHANNEL 7 NEW YORK,NY\1539 EST: ABC News reports at least 7 people have been killed in a shooting at Fort Hood in Texas.
  • MSNBC: At least 7 people dead, 12 others injured after mass shooting at U.S. army base Fort Hood in Texas.

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