WTTG Anchors To Run TelePrompTers

[New York Daily News]Anchors have read news from TelePrompTers for years, but a Washington, D.C. station’s move to shift prompter operators and leave anchors to work the device themselves has some worried.

The system being added at WTTG-TV( FOX 5 in DC Owned By News Corporation) will have anchors working prompters with a foot or hand control – kind of like running a sewing machine with words.

“Anchors are scared to death of it,” said one local on-air pro. “Probably scared of trying something new after all these years of just sitting there and having everything done for them.”

As it is now, staffers at the station feed scripts into a prompter, which is read by those on air. Good operators know how quickly each anchor likes the copy moved and adjusts as the newscast goes on. One mishap, the anchor stumbles, and viewers at home, well, laugh.

The anchor-operated system is part of a cost-cutting move and some anchors here hope it never makes it to New York.

Unspoken, though clear in this, is the suggestion that anchors do nothing but read. That, in most cases – but not all – isn’t true. Also, how would this work in places like WPIX/Ch. 11, where anchor Jim Watkins moves around the set more than Vanna White turning letters?

“I know a lot of people think anchors have little enough to do,” said one, “but I think it would make for a lot of problems.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/2009/10/16/2009-10-16_anchors_left_to_own_teleprompter_devices.html#ixzz0U8fvq1OX


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