TC&ML’s Top 3 IMMDs of the Hour: 15th Oct

Top 3 IMMDsThe City & My Life’s Editor Andy Salcedo ( Andy S.) Picks Out The Top 3 Funny IMMD’s of the hour from The IMMD Top 3 Will Be On ‘TC &ML’ every Hour Of the Day.

IMMD#3: Today I went to Chick-fil-A for lunch and watched the Cow help an elderly woman across 4 lanes of traffic. IMMD [B Lynn]

IMMD  # 2:Today I had an appt to interview someone for a position in my company. Upon meeting, we immediately recognized each other. He used to make fun of me in school all the time. I had security throw him out by force. Karma bites. IMMD.[KarmaBites]

IMMD#1:I teach young children and one of my students came to me in tears, saying, “Johnny now said the U-word.” I asked him to whisper it to me. He said ‘Umotherfucker’. IMMD.[Magee]


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