Terror warning on new form of suicide bombs

Airports across Europe are being warned about a new form of terror attack. French experts have raised concerns about what they have dubbed suppository bombs – explosives which are either swallowed by the terrorist or introduced into the body manually.

euronews channel-Experts fear this latest form of suicide bombing can foil security checks and is a way in which terrorists can get closer to their intended target.

“The attack will have a localised affect. The fact that it is a suppository means the quantity of explosive will be limited in any case – a couple of hundred grammes. The human body is made up mostly of water and water absorbs part of the force of the blast,” explained Charles Lauby, a security specialist.

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy interior minister in Saudia Arabia’s government, was the target of such an attack at the end of August. He survived while the bomber, a member of al Qaeda, who had been the subject of security checks, did not.

“That man was searched and nothing was found on him so there is a perversity of al Qaeda to target people who are symbols of the fight against terrorism,” said terror expert Louis Caprioli.

That incident prompted Interpol to alert police forces throughout Europe to this new threat which they believe is the next generation of suicide bombers.


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