6 City workers in mob tie charges

“The threat of traditional organized crime is not a thing of the past.”MANHATTAN DA ROBERT MORGENTHAUSix inspectors accused of being mob associates, taking bribes

Metro New York-Six former Dept. of Buildings construction and safety inspectors were arrested yesterday for allegedly taking bribes from the Mafia in return for building permits and turning a blind eye to violations.

They were among 29, including two high-ranking members of Lucchese crime family, charged yesterday with crimes ranging from corruption to firearms and narcotics trafficking.

“I am outraged … These former inspectors are accused of betraying the public and this department for their own selfish gain, and they should be prosecuted to the full extend under the law,” Buildings Commissioner Robert Limandri said in a statement.

The agency has reinspected all the buildings associated with the investigation. “So far there seems to be no safety concerns,” said agency spokesman Tony Sclafani.

The DOB said it will now conduct federal background checks on new hires

Who Were The 6 City Workers?

Frank Francomano: Bronx construction inspector, alleged Lucchese associate

Carmine Francomano Jr.:supervising inspector Scaffolding Safety Unit, alleged Lucchese associate

Thomas Masucci: Bronx construction inspector, alleged Lucchese associate

Earl Prentice: Bronx inspection manager

Angel Luis Aviles, Manhattan construction inspector Exel Plass, Scaffolding Safety inspector

NOTE : Sixth Person Has Yet to Be Named


2 thoughts on “6 City workers in mob tie charges

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    • Francomano brothers are related to edward curtis, former chief of safety at the nyc dept of building whom resigned afraid of being caught. edward curtis was last seen working for superior scaffolding services in brooklyn,ny belive it located on 22nd st. a reporter has been following him. edward curtis just as guilty as the rest.

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