Scores feared dead in Pacific tsunami

More than 100 people are feared dead after a series of tsunami waves hit the Pacific island nations of American and Western Samoa.

Waves reported to be over four metres high are said to have demolished houses and swept cars out to sea.

Fishing boats raced for open water, not all of them made it.

A Pacific-wide tsunami warning was issued after a huge 8.0 magnitude undersea quake off American Samoa.

Schools in the French Polynesian capital Papeete were evacuated as a precautionary measure.

Fourteen people are believed to have been killed in American Samoa, a US territory. An unknown number of people have been killed in Western Samoa according to officals at the island’s disaster management centre but as many as 100 are believed dead they say.

As far away as New Zealand people made for high ground following the tsunami alert which was later cancelled.

But on the Samoan islands the search for bodies goes on. The southern side of Samoa’s main island Upolu is said to be worst hit with reports of entire villages being “over-run” by the sea.


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