Seniors vote more on German elections than any other age group

There are seventeen million senior citizens in Germany, and they vote more than any other age group. Their influence means they are heavily courted by all parties. So in July pensions for the over 65s went up by 2.4%, despite zero inflation.

Thank you very much the Grand Coalition, except that the leaders of the CDU and SPD have also made their pensions untouchable. A new law puts a deadlock on pension cuts, even if salaries fall.

The right in Germany has always been able to count on the grey third of the electorate until now, but the Joshka Fischer generation is retiring. The times, they are a’changing says analyst Manfred Forsa:

“The elderly are naturally more loyal voters than other age groups, but they are starting to break with that tradition. In coming years this trend will mean the end of cradle to grave party loyalty.”

And the young will be in a battle for the votes of the old.


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