UN summit ends after a mixed bag of speeches

Anti-Libya protesters in New York got their message across outside the UN’s General Assembly while Muammar Gaddafi inside the hall got his.

Making his first address to the UN, the Libyan leader prompty threw away the institution’s Charter and called the Security Council the “council of terror.”

But that was just one of a series of speeches and meetings which made up the annual UN summit. Presidents Obama and Medvedev managed to agree a strategy concerning Iran.

At a joint meeting President Barack Obama along side Russian President Dmitry Medvedev explained the breakthrough: “We both agree that if Iran does not respond to serious negotiations and resolve this issue in a way that assures the international community that it’s meeting it’s commitments and is not developing nuclear weapons, then we will have to take additional actions and that sanctions, serious additional sanctions remain a possibility.”

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used his assembly address not to talk about his country’s stand-off with the west over its nuclear ambitions but to proclaim his re-election as president an example of good democracy. He also launched a verbal attack on Israel.

His words provoked a walk out by the US delegation, the Israelis were not there in the first place.

Obama may have opened the day with words of unity but not everyone was apparently listening.


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