Rebels put conditions on release of French hostage

Islamist rebel group al Shabaab has demanded that the French government ceases to support Somalia’s government if France wants to secure the release of a French security advisor the group has been holding for two months.

Islamist rebels in Somalia on Thursday asked the French government to meet four conditions for the release of a French security advisor they have been holding for more than two months.

The militant group Shebab captured the French agent in Mogadishu on July 14. Another French agent, captured by a different Islamic group on the same day, escaped last month and returned to France.

“The young mujahedeen movement (Shebab) put several conditions to the French government for the release of their agent,” said a statement released to AFP and signed by the “high command” of the group.

The group calls for the French government to cease immediately any political and military support for the “apostate government of Somalia” and for the withdrawal of French personnel and advisors from the country.

It also calls for the withdrawal of African peacekeepers from Somalia, especially those from Burundi.

French security companies must also pull out of the country and the French navy from coastal waters.


2 thoughts on “Rebels put conditions on release of French hostage

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