New York remembers WTC dead

The emotions were raw in New York as the city marked the sad anniversary of 9/11. Thousands of family members of the dead and volunteers who tried to help with the rescue turned out in driving rain to honour the victims of al Qaeda’s attacks.

This year, the White House said the anniversary would, for the first time, be dedicated to public service, and many Americans marked the event by taking part in projects or simply offering work free of charge.

Vice President Joe Biden and the Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg led the tributes.

Bells toiled across the city to mark four poignant moments of silence – twice for when the jetliners crashed into the towers and twice for when each collapsed.

During the service, those who helped in the aftermath of the attacks joined relatives in reading out the names of all the known victims.

Earlier, dramatic unseen footage of when the second plane smashed into the World Trade Center’s southern tower was released.

In all, nearly 3,000 people perished in the strikes eight years ago. It was the worst ever terrorist attack on American soil.


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