Cyclone Roller Coaster came to an Abrupt Halt with Riders

This holiday weekend was a scary one for dozens of people riding the Clyclone when their fun came to a halt shortly after 2 p.m.

When the roller coaster in its first big drop, turned a corner and stopped dead on its tracks for about 10 minutes and 85 feet off the ground. Shivan Matthew told (WPIX) Channel 11 News, “as it was happening it was little scary because we

started going backward {but} as soon as we hit the top and then once we locked into place everyone came up and felt a lot better.” Another, rider Courtney Marmon told PIX News, “they called for a crowbar at one point.”

A maintenance worker immediately climbed to the top of the ride on foot, with wrenches and fixed the problem. Everyone was safely return to the ground and there were no injuries.


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